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We'd Love to Hear from You

Got questions? We've got answers, and we'd love to talk with you. Just send us a note using this Contact Form and we'll get back to you right away. Or give us a call during our normal business hours. Brown's Gymnastics is dedicated to making a positive impact on the families we serve and the greater Las Vegas community. We'd love to hear your ideas of how we can do that even better.

5277 Cameron Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89118
United States

(702) 257-9009

Brown's Gymnastics is Las Vegas' #1 Gymnastics Gym. We are a USAG National Training Center, providing competitive and recreational gymnastics for kids of all ages.

Recreational Classes

Beginner Classes

Brown's Beginner classes are the perfect start for your little gymnast. Classes are focused on fun and action. Our Friendly and energetic Coaches will make friends with your child and make sure they have a great time. All the while they'll be improving their strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Child development experts agree that gymnastics at an early age can have many lasting benefits. But your kids won't know any of that, they'll just know they love gymnastics class and can't wait to come back!

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes prepare interested girls for possible movement into our pre-team and competitive program. At these levels, moving into one of these more advanced programs is still just an option, not a requirement. Girls in Green or above may choose to continue to advance in our Rainbow Program or attend a bi-annual pre-team or Xcel team tryout.

Proper Attire for Student:

  • Children are required to have bare feet. Socks, tights, or footed leggings are not allowed.
  • Jewelry, including watches, rings, necklaces, and large earrings, are not allowed. These can pose an injury risk to the gymnast.
  • A leotard is the acceptable attire for female students. Boys should come in shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt. Clothing with buttons or zippers is not allowed.
  • All girls must have hair securely tied back and out of their face.
  • We have cubbies for the storage of extra clothing, including socks, shoes, jackets, and anything else that would interfere with your child’s lesson.
  • Please supervise siblings when waiting in the front lobby. Your child is not allowed to wait or play in the Pro Shop.