Philosophy of Brown’s Gymnastics in Las Vegas

At Brown’s Gymnastics, it is our philosophy that children are the world’s most precious resource. Each and every one is special and unique, regardless of their current gymnastics ability. It is our mission and goal to help every child who participates in one of our gymnastics programs. We believe in giving each child the same quality of instruction so that they can become their own personal best. We strive to have a positive effect on each child’s sense of self, including their self-esteem and confidence. We do this by teaching the sport of gymnastics in a safe, fun environment. We believe that fitness can be fun!

Many of the most advanced nations in the world recognize the positive impact gymnastics can have for people of all ages; often, it is the core component of their physical fitness programs. This is due in large part to the variety of skills that gymnastics teaches, many of which are useful and applicable in other sports, activities, and areas of life. In order to succeed at gymnastics, we help our athletes increase their strength; jumping, rolling, and running abilities; and flexibility as well as help develop their peer integration skills; self-confidence; and overall well-being. All of these skills are taught in addition to more gymnastics-specific skills.

The basic skills taught in gymnastics translate well into adulthood. We believe that we can help kids become responsible, healthy, and happy adults who are well adjusted. By making the acquisition of new skills fun and purposeful, we help foster a lifelong commitment to both learning and physical fitness. Although Brown’s Gymnastics certainly teaches gymnastics skills, we prefer to think of ourselves as being in the business of fun, excitement, recreation, physical fitness, and child development. Here at Brown’s Gymnastics, we can help your child’s dreams come true!