Introduction to Brown’s Gymnastics

Welcome to the Brown’s Gymnastics Team Program

Thank you for your interest in Brown’s Gymnastics. The involvement of you and your child in competitive gymnastics will lead both of you on an adventure. We’ve watched many children learn, develop, grow, and mature over the years. Seeing them transform from kids into young adults has been very special for us. We look forward to continuing this tradition with your child.

We know firsthand how gymnastics can serve as the platform for your child to develop and increase their confidence, self- respect, individuality, poise, determination, and physical and mental discipline. Your child will also learn to appreciate what dedicated efforts can allow them to do. Gymnastics is a very demanding sport, both physically and mentally. Your child will be required to put forth their best efforts and exercise smart judgments, allowing them to mature and create close relationships with other members of our team. We will all learn to expect the best of ourselves and each other, all while being able to have fun.