Descriptions of Gymnastics and Tumbling Classes in Las Vegas, NV

Free Class Trial

Brown’s Gymnastics has a free trial class program that allows your child to participate in a current class free of charge. We hope that this program will make selecting a class for your child easier. Trial classes are only available in classes that have not reached their class maximum or the student/teacher ratio. For the Parent Tot Classes the ratio is 10/1; for the girls’ and boys’ recreational classes, the ratio is 8/1.

In order to participate in a free trial class, please call ahead to see if the class you are interested in is available; if it is, the office staff will schedule your child’s attendance over the phone. Olympic Tots, Junior Pre-Team, and Pre-Team classes are by invitation only. Additionally, the Girls Competitive Team is also only by invitation from Brown’s head coach. Please call the front desk for further details.

Tumbling Programs

Beginning Tumbling—Child will learn and master basic skills such as handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers, and back handsprings. No experience needed to participate.
Intermediate Tumbling—Child will learn and master more advanced skills such as back tucks, front tucks, aerials, and series tumbling. Child must have a back handspring with no spot in order to participate.

Pre-School Age Programs (Ages 18 Months – 4 Years)

Parent Tot—This class requires the interaction and involvement of the toddler’s parents. You will help your child participate in activities that encourage balance, coordination, strength, and agility. At Brown’s, we truly believe that there is no better foundation than gymnastics. This class will teach the basic fundamentals on all gymnastics events including the vault, bars, beam, and floor.
Tiny Tots—This class is designed for children 3 years of age. At this level children participate on their own. Basic fundamentals of balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility are taught through activities on all gymnastics events. Kids in this class not only learn basic gymnastics skills, but they also work on developing listening skills and emotional independence.
Super Tots—This class is designed for 4 year olds. In this program children will not only learn the basics of gymnastics, but they will also start to work on further development of their skills.

Invitation Only Programs (Ages 3 – 5 Years)

All Stars – This is an invitation only program for children who are 3-5 years of age. Instructor recommendation is required. Children in this program have demonstrated both a physical level of readiness as well as mental readiness. This class aims to increase strength and flexibility and to further develop the basics required to advance toward a competitive level of gymnastics.
Junior Pre-Team – This is a special invitation only class that is more progressive and will focus specifically on correct body positions and form along with the skills necessary for the child to progress further in gymnastics. It is our goal for the girls invited into this program to move on to our pre-team and possibly our competitive team. Girls at this level are strongly encouraged to attend 2 classes per week.

Recreational Programs (Ages 5 Years and Up)

Beginning Levels

  • Red – This is a beginner level class. Girls at this level will learn the basics on all four gymnastics events—vault, bars, beam, and floor—as well as develop increased levels of flexibility and strength.
  • Orange – Girls at this level have moved a step beyond the basics and are further developing their skills on all gymnastics apparatus.
  • Yellow – This level aims to not only improve the basics, but to also introduce intermediate level skills on all gymnastics events.

Intermediate Levels

The following levels prepare any interested girls for possible movement into our pre-team and competitive program. At these levels, moving into one of these more advanced programs is still just an option, not a requirement. Girls in Green or above may choose to continue to advance in our Rainbow Program or attend a bi-annual pre-team or Xcel team tryout.

  • Green – This class further develops the girls intermediate skills and works to increase the strength and flexibility required to help them progress in their gymnastics.
  • Blue – Girls at this level have developed competency of the basics and are moving toward more advanced skills on all gymnastics events.
  • Purple – The highest level of our recreational program. Girls at this level are working more difficult and challenging skills on all events.